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Isabel, indipendente

Hi Guys! All photos are real! ***My name is Isabel. I’m sweet ANGEL with a lovely-model face, gorgeous body, and soft skin. Verified profile. I Love my life;) I’m only for rich people;-)

Il sesso:Femmina
Locazione:Cancun / Messico
Colore dei capelli:marrone
Lunghezza dei capelli:lunghi
Dimensioni del seno:C
Tipo di seno:Naturale
Viaggio:In tutto il mondo
Il peso:49 kg / 108 lbs
Altezza:170 cm / 5'7''
Etnicità:Europeo (bianco)
Lingue: Inglese
Servizi: Ask in What’sAap
Incontro con:entrambi (uomo + femmina)


Cellulare: +590 690 Mostra telefono
Paese: Messico
Città: Cancun


Ora Incall Outcall
2 Ore 500 EUR
12 Ore 1500 EUR
24 Ore 2000 EUR


ThomasNY 27.12.2020 17:28

Città/ Paese: Saint Martin, Caraibi     Data incontro: 24.12.2020     Durata incontro 2h     Costi: 500 EUR    
As we walked up to room I just kept looking over and thinking how beautiful she was. We entered the room and sat down on the couch with a glass of Pinot Noir to get better aquatinted. After a few minutes Isabel leaned over to kiss me and we were off to ... di più

As we walked up to room I just kept looking over and thinking how beautiful she was. We entered the room and sat down on the couch with a glass of Pinot Noir to get better aquatinted. After a few minutes Isabel leaned over to kiss me and we were off to the races, the rest is a blur of the best sexual experience of my life, I will however try to recount the details for you. After passionately kissing best kisser ever we went to bathroom its was very hot. This woman has the tightest body I have ever seen, she may be in her 27's but could easily pass for 7 years younger. I couldn't wait any longer and we were off to the races. More kissing, then she puts her hand down my pants and starts to massage my dick, judging by the look on her face she was pleasantly surprised.

The pants were ripped off and she went to town and gave me the best BBBJ of my life, lots of eye contact. At this point I picked her up and over to the bed we went, I took her her bra and panties off, what a sight to behold. At this point I just wanted to feel that pussy and started to insert my fingers, slowly at first and with a little more speed and vigor, at this point Isabel is getting extremely wet and starting to get quite vocal. Thank god this was an afternoon visit as we would of woken everyone on our floor. After a solid 10 min of this Isabel tells me she wants to feel my cock in her. Even watching Isabel insert this into herself was unreal. She then comes over and proceeds to squat over me and lowers herself onto my cock and begins to rhythmically bounce up and down for the next 10 min then over the hour we switch through every conceivable position for the next hour. As I get ready to explode Isabel places her mouth of my cock and sucks down every last drop.

At this point we are both spent and fall back in each others arms. She tells me how amazing it was, and although that's what you expect providers to say, I actually believed her. After a few minutes rest it was off to round two with most of the same. After cuming again in her mouth I was spent. We cuddle for a few minutes and I say that once with her is not going to be enough so we discuss a meeting the next day. The next day Isabel shows up at my room looking as hot as ever and after we ravage each other again for what seems like forever. I thought the first time was amazing but this just blew my mind we raced through all positions. We gradually finish up and discuss getting back to together on my next visit as I leave tomorrow.

At this point I think this experience is over for this trip, however around 10 pm that night I just need to see her again. I text her and she is up for it, not even 30 min later we are going at it again. Both previous sessions were afternoon visits so Isabels screaming wasnt going to wake anyone, but later at night we are going to wake the whole hotel. At one point I actually had to gently put a pillow over her face which she eagerly grabbed and screamed into it, she really gets into our time together. If not for that pillow I am sure security would of been at the door wondering what was going on. Isabel is by far the best provider I have been with, I have partaken in most of the top in Caribbean and none of those experiences hold a candle to this. I cannot wait to see her again.

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